First meeting in Dordrecht.

Kick-off meeting of Suscop project took place in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) on the 17th and 18th of October of 2018.
In this first meeting all the partners organize presentation about their schools or organizations and all partner had a project overview.

Second meeting in Bilbao.

The second meeting took place in Bilbao, at Leioa Catering School.
In this meeting the group discussed about several interesting matter related to the alternative
proteins, nutrition, fod and environment or sustainability.
During the Bilbao meeting the working group cooked and tested together the first dishes of
the project. It was a great cooking environment with various an great results.

Third meeting in Helsinki.

Our 3rd meeting to place in Helsinki at Haaga-Helia University.

During this meeting the group discussed future plans and visited different companies related with the sustainability and the alternative proteins.

Fourth meeting in Harderwijk.

The fourth meeting took place at Ladestede, Harderwijk. During this meeting the working
group put together in practice all the work done and performed the recipes created for the
meeting. Each partner had to do a set up menú of…