Da Vinci College offers vocational training programs in different sectors, Economics, Engineering and Technology, Information Technology, Health Care and Social Services. We offer both IVET as CVET programmes in many different courses. The age of the students at our college ranges from 16 – 22 years old in the IVET courses and in all different ages in the CVET courses.

A wide variety of contract programmes is offered, as well as basic education for adults.  We are aware of the fact that being an ROC we play an important role in society, and also have a great responsibility, to prepare students in an adequate way for their further participation in society. This implies that we continuously work on enhancing relationships with supplying schools, companies and institutions. We have to know what the labour market needs.

Trying to respond to the needs of society & the labour market we think that international activities, like mobility for students and staff, will help to get prepared for / work at the international labour market and to be a responsible and contributing citizen. Tutoring and helping our students to get the maximum out themselves is a leading. We want to know our students and together we work to explore the talents and develop these.


Through education, research and develompment, Haaga-Helia prepares professionals in business and services offering students a versatile choice of studies, opportunities for specialization, high quality education in Finnish and English, and wide business networks during the studies. The 10 500 students and 630 employees at Haaga-Helia base their activities on highly advanced national and international expertise. The fields of education are business, hotel, restaurant and tourism management, information and communication technology (ICT), journalism, modern languages and management assistant training, sports management and VET teacher education for undergraduate programmes. Haaga-Helia offers Bachelor and Master level degrees as well as vast offering of complementary trainings like the Vocational teacher program (60 credits) and training tailored according to companies’ needs. The mission of Haaga-Helia is to educate experts with customer service, strong sales and entrepreneurial skills.


IKASLAN is the association of public vocational training schools from the Basque Country (61 schools and thousands of students), its activities focus on initial vocational education and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment.

Our objective is to promote the personal and occupational development of the persons enrolled in our courses, by means of high-quality education and training provision. Educational provision is oriented towards the actual demands of the labour market and it also provides orientation in a world in motion. The high level of our courses is maintained by means of an internal quality management system, continual further training of employees and a transnational transfer of know-how. Most of our education and training courses are based on modular systems, so individually tailored, and thus highly efficient, forms of learning are possible. The formation is certified according to the international standard ISO.


Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College is a pioneer in vocational skills in Finland and a vocational education institution renowned for its high quality operations in Europe.

The operations of the Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College are based on the values of partnership, pioneer, and responsibility. We offer vocational qualifications in the culinary, tourism and business industries (180 study points). Restaurant Cook study program is offered also in English, which enables international students to study in Perho. Internationality, digitality and entrepreneurship are the strategic highlights recorded in the operating plan. The Internationalization strategy is seen as a strengthening of the vision and contributes to the understanding and respect of multiculturalism and diversity. In accordance with the Internationalization Strategy, students’ capacity for internationalization and mobility is promoted and the organization’s level of expertise is increased. Our mission is to educate qualified and multi-skilled service professionals in a borderless and digitalized learning environment, which also promotes sustainable development, internationality and entrepreneurship.


Bridgwater, Taunton and Cannington. It also have outreach centres in Yeovil and Paignton. The College has an excellent reputation both regionally and nationally as a highly successful provider of education and training. The College has been designated an Ofsted outstanding, received 13 National Beacon Awards in recent years.  Meets the Matrix Standard for information, advice and guidance services, our examination and course results consistently place us amongst the best of all education and training providers in the South West. A significant investment programme shows the College facilities are constantly developing.


Landstede is a Regional Education Center with services in the areas of vocational and general education. We house about 20.000 students/trainees.

Landstede offers a wide range of vocational programmes. Landstede provides competence-based education that gives students the opportunity to work on their own talents. Landstede is one of the leading organisations in the Netherlands, as competence-based learning will be used in all VET from September 2011. Landstede is an enterprising organisation, deeply rooted in their region. Landstede has built up a sustainable relationship with companies, schools and other kind of organisations not only in her region, but also with international colleges and other partners in many European countries and around the world. Landstede stands for valuable learning, living and working.


Entocube is a start up grown from the knowledge of multidiciplinary studies in European Universities.

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