Targets And Beneficiaries

The primary target group of this project is teachers who train cooks and chefs. The secondary target groups are students aiming to work with food or nutrition and people who already work in the food industry. The project invites teachers to learn but also students are involved and will be ambassadors during the project lifetime.

The project will:

  • List usable alternative proteins and recipes for teachers and restaurant business.
  • Create innovative recipes based on the alternative proteins, make menus with recommendations for wine/ side dishes.
  • Train teachers on topics like as the  impact to climate change as well as practical cooking skills.
  • Produce training material on nutrition, food and climate change and cooking under the domain of alternative proteins.
  • Develop a Train the Trainer workshop and make a description and materials for the train the trainer module for future needs.
  • Develop a training module that can be included to the study curriculum in different NQF levels.

The beneficIaries of this project are:

  • Educational institutions who can gain from the material produced.
  • Teachers using the new, innovative material to train their students.
  • Students that are trained to be chefs in (H)VET colleges in Europe.
  • General public: more availability of alternative protein foods in restaurants, recipes and information.
  • Restaurant business interested in participating in and benefitting from the change.
  • Companies who produce or harvest life forms that may be used as alternative proteins.
  • Companies with any role in the alternative proteins business ecosystem.

Doing this project internationally is a great asset to understand the cultural biasses and to learn.